Polished 24k Gold SP-01
Satin 24k Gold SP-02
Rich Frost Gold SP-0A
Pearlite 24k Gold SP-OE
Light Antique Ultrabrass SP-15L
Medium Antique Ultrabrass SP-15M
Dark Antique Ultrabrass SP-15D
Polished Copper SP-61
Satin Copper SP-62
Frost Copper SP-63
Matte Copper SP-64
Rich Frost Copper SP-66
Pearlite Copper SP-67
Light Antique Chrome SP-35L
Medium Antique Chrome SP-35M
Dark Antique Chrome SP-35D
Polished Ultrablack SP-41
Satin Ultrablack SP-42
Frost Ultrablack SP-43
Rich Frost Ultrablack SP-46
Matte Ultrablack SP-44
Pearlite Black SP-47
Polished Almond SP-51
Satin Almond SP-52
Frost Almond Gold SP-53
Matte Almond Gold SP-54
Rich Frost Almond Gold SP-56
Pearlite Almond Gold SP-57
Light Antique Copper SP-65L
Medium Antique Copper SP-65M
Dark Antique Copper SP-65D
Polished Ultrapewter SP-91
Satin Ultrapewter SP-97
Frost Ultrapewter SP-93
Matte Ultrapewter SP-94
Rich Frost Ultrapewter SP-96
Pearlite Ultrapewter SP-92
Polished Blush Gold SP-81
Satin Blush Gold SP-82
Frost Blush Gold SP-83
Matte Blush Gold SP-84
Rich Frost Blush Gold SP-86
Pearlite Blush Gold SP-86
Polished Peach Gold SP-111
Satin Peach Gold SP-112
Frost Peach Gold SP-113
Matte Peach Gold SP-114
Rich Frost Peach Gold SP-116
Pearlite Peach Gold SP-117
Polished 14k Gold SP-121
Satin 14k Gold SP-122
Frost 14k Gold SP-123
Matte 14k Gold SP-124
Rich Frost 14k Gold SP-126
Pearlite 14k Gold SP-127
Polished Bronze SP-131
Satin Bronze SP-132


Signature Plating provides an extensive variety of precious metal, duty-rated, and premium-quality plating materials and advanced finishing techniques. As the name implies, we provide our clients with the finest selection, a craftsman’s commitment to quality in every detail, and a hallmark pride in every piece we touch.


Polished 18k Gold SP-141
Satin 18k Gold SP-142
Frost 18k Gold SP-143
Matte 18k Gold SP-144
Rich Frost 18k Gold SP-146
Pearlite 18k Gold SP-147
Polished Midnight Ultrablack SP-151
Satin Midnight Ultrablack SP-152
Frost Midnight Ultrablack SP-153
Matte Midnight Ultra Black SP-154
Rich Frost Midnight Ultrablack SP-156
Pearlite Midnight Ultrablack SP-157
Polished Smoke Nickel SP-161
Satin Smoke Nickel SP-162
Frost Smoke Nickel SP-163
Matte Smoke Nickel SP-164
Rich Frost Smoke Nickel SP-166
Smoke Nickel SP-167
Polished English Tin SP-181
Satin English Tin SP-182
Pearlite English Tin SP-187
Light Antique 24 K Gold SP-05L
Medium Antique 24 K Gold SP-05M
Dark Antique 24 K Gold SP-05D
Funnel 24 K Gold SP-OC
Funnel Rose Gold SP-OD
Funnel Ultrabrass SP-18
Funnel Nickel SP-28
Funnel Chrome SP-38
Funnel Ultrablack SP-48
Funnel Almond Gold SP-58
Funnel Copper SP-68
Funnel Champagne Gold SP-78
Funnel Blush Gold SP-88
Funnel Ultrapewter SP-98
Funnel Peach Gold SP-118
Light Antique 14k Gold SP-125L
Medium Antique 14k Gold SP-125M
Dark Antique 14k Gold SP-125D
Funnel 14k Gold SP-128
Light Antique Bronze SP-135L
Medium Antique Bronze SP-135M
Medium Antique 18k Gold SP-145M
Dark Antique 18k Gold SP-145D
Funnel 18k Gold SP-148
Funnel Midnight Ultrabrass SP-158
Funnel Smoke Nickel SP-168
Light Walnut Ultrabrass SP-175L
Medium Walnut Ultrabrass SP-175M
Dark Walnut Ultrabrass SP-175D
Light Old World Gold SP-195L
Medium Old World Gold SP-195M
Dark Old World Gold SP-195D
Antique Ultrasilver SP-225
Polished Rose Gold SP-06
Satin Rose Gold SP-07
Frost Rose Gold SP-08
Rich Frosted Rose Gold SP-0B
Matte Rose Gold SP-09
Pearlite Rose Gold SP-0F
Polished Champagne SP-71
Satin Champagne SP-72
Frost Champagne SP-73
Matte Champagne SP-74
Rich Frost Champagne SP-76
Pearlite Champagne SP-77
Light Antique Ultrapewter SP-95L
Medium Antique Ultrapewter SP-95M
Dark Antique Ultrapewter SP-95D
Polished Bronze SP-131
Satin Bronze SP-132
Frost Bronze SP-133
Matte Bronze SP-134
Rich Frost Bronze SP-136
Pearlite Bronze SP-137
Polished Ultrasilver SP-221
Satin Ultrasilver SP-222
Frost Ultrasilver SP-223
Matte Ultrasilver SP-224
Rich Frost Ultrasilver SP-225
Pearlite Ultrasilver SP-226
Funnel Ultrasilver SP-227
Dark Antique Bronze SP-135D
Funnel Bronze SP-138
Light Antique 18k Gold SP-145L
Polished Ultrabrass SP-11
Satin Ultrabrass SP-12
Frost Ultrabrass SP-13
Matte Ultrabrass SP-14
Rich Frost Ultrabrass SP-16
Pearlite Ultrabrass SP-17
Light Antique Nickel SP-25L
Medium Antique Nickel SP-25M
Dark Antique Nickel SP-25D
Polished Chrome SP-31
Satin Chrome SP-32
Frost Chrome SP-33
Matte Chrome SP-34
Rich Frost Chrome SP-36
Pearlite Chrome SP-37
Polished Nickel SP-21
Frost Nickel SP-23
Matte Nickel SP-24
Rich Frost Nickel SP-26
Pearlite Nickel SP-27
Satin Nickel SP-22

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